Ministerial Conference on the SILK ROAD POTENTIAL

April 26, 2017

In the framework of the forthcoming Crans Montana Forum’s 28th Annual Session to take place in Barcelona (Spain), a Ministerial Conference on the Silk Road and its potential for Mediterranean, Middle East and African countries, will be organized on July 6th.

This Program will be a unique opportunity to foster Global Cooperation, develop Business Opportunities and strengthen International networks.

Among the topics to be addressed in this Programme :

  • Opening the way from Western Europe to China is also an opportunity for the Mediterranean, the Middle East and Africa
  • As a key to major new markets, the Silk Road represents a unique opportunity for improving International Cooperation and boosting Economic Development
  • Common goals and achievements will improve peaceful relations and strengthen a confident shared development
  • Outstanding transport networks and policies are the key to such a successful cooperation
  • The Eurasian corridors and the Maritime Silk Road lead to the Mediterranean, also gateway to the Atlantic world
  • Intertwining diplomacy with Economic Stimulation and International Cooperation
  • The new strategies for the Arab economies and the African countries where the most important potential of natural resources is
  • The Development of the Silk Road Cooperation from Atlantic to Pacific Ocean is also a matter of transport facilities