Wednesday, October 22, 2014

New Leaders for Tomorrow

The New Leaders for Tomorrow - Special Meeting

The Crans Montana Forum of New Leaders for Tomorrow is a unique Community of young leaders from Africa, the Arab World, Far Eastern Europe, Central Asia, South-America and Far East selected thanks to their exceptional professional achievement and leadership experience in Businesses and Governments.

The New Leaders for Tomorrow enjoy, for a three years period, the free strong support of the Crans Montana Forum to strengthen their Regional and International network in the framework of the South-South Cooperation that the Forum has continuously promoted as a key tool of a renewed international dialogue fostering the South-South Belt Countries’ recognition worldwide.

The New Leaders are most welcome to participate in all the Forums as stated in the Official Programme and enjoy exceptional networking opportunities with prominent Officials and key decision-makers from the Private sector.

Together, they form a powerful Community to shape the global agenda and address the 21st Century major challenges.


The Call for Candidacies for the Crans Montana Forum of New Leaders for Tomorrow’ s Class 2015 has started !

Curriculum Vitae, Letters of recommendation and cover letters can be sent to

Latest Event :

The latest New Leaders for Tomorrow’s Special Meeting was held on the occasion of the Homeland & Global Security Forum in Geneva (Switzerland), October 15 to 17, 2014.

For more information :

New Leaders’ Special Program
Geneva (Switzerland)
October 16, 2014