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The Crans Montana Forum is the only Organization that always has put the African Continent at the very heart of its strategies.

On the occasion of the 29th Annual Session of the Crans Montana Forum, held in Brussels (Belgium) from June 27 to 30, a Special Programme was dedicated to Economic Development & Global Security on the African Continent.

Among the topics addressed :
1. Addressing the crucial challenge of Africa : Global Security

  • Africa is seen as a fast growing Economic hub !
  • More than the lack of adequate Economic Infrastructure, the Global Security threats remain a major obstacle to Foreign direct Investment
  • How to cooperate with African Governments to strengthen their Security means and organise an efficient response to terror and crime ?
2. Implementing Efficient Policies

  • How to improve Education networks allowing to fight radicalization and restore hope and confidence ?
  • How to encourage public and private Investment to boost growth, employment and minimize Youth emigration ?
  • Favoring the necessary Social and Political integration of Youth and Women
  • The EU’s commitment to answer the challenges of poverty and growing insecurity in Africa

3. Towards an Africa without Borders

  • Africa is one of the most restrictive Continents in terms of free movement of its inhabitants
  • The African Union has committed to introducing an African passport by 2018, as part of the AU Agenda 2063
  • Do free movement in Africa means more integration and new opportunities for Businesses and Youth ?
  • Which risks for the Regional security ?

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June 29, 2018
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