Club of Ports Special Program

On the occasion of the 29th Annual Session of the Crans Montana Forum, held in Brussels (Belgium) from June 27 to 30, Port Authorities and main maritime transport & logistics actors met in the framework of the Club of Ports’ Special Programme to address the issues of their future, with a focus on Maritime Silk Road and its potential :
Among the topics addressed :

1. Maritime Transport in Africa requires a Global Approach

  • Maritime transport is heavily dependent on Land transport potential and efficiency
  • Priority to the Development of hinterland transport networks, essential for an endogenous Development of the Continent
  • Intermodality issues (rail, maritime route and transport), creation of efficient transport corridors and connecting hinterland countries
  • Better optimizing investment : technical interoperability of different networks and legal & administrative harmonization
2. Port is a Regional Driving Force of Sustainable Development

  • Climate & Energy Initiatives : Developing a Carbon-Free Maritime Transport industry is becoming inevitable
  • Africa requires a growing social integration between ports and the cities they belong to
  • The necessity to strengthen safety and security in ports facilities as well as the adaptation to new contingencies (fight against cyberattacks) have turned ports into a source of technical dynamism for their geographical environment
3. The Maritime Silk Road and the Development of Mediterranean and African Ports

  • Boosting the China-Africa strategic partnership : the Silk Road creates a new opening for all bordering countries
  • Mediterranean and African Ports’ role will grow in view of the Maritime route huge advantage over the land one
  • Opportunities but also Risks : how to keep Ports national control and ownership while facing pressing offers ?

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June 28, 2018
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