Ministerial Conference on the SILK ROAD and its huge potential for the MEDITERRANEAN, AFRICA & the MIDDLE EAST, on the occasion of the forthcoming Forum in Barcelona

May 24, 2017

In the framework of the forthcoming Crans Montana Forum’s 28th Annual Session to take place in Barcelona (Spain), a Ministerial Conference on the Silk Road and its potential for Mediterranean, Middle East and African countries, will be organized on July 6th.

This Program will be a unique opportunity to foster Global Cooperation, develop Business Opportunities and strengthen International networks.

Among the topics to be addressed in this Programme :

  • Opening the way from Western Europe to China is also an opportunity for the Mediterranean, the Middle East and Africa
  • As a key to major new markets, the Silk Road represents a unique opportunity for improving International Cooperation and boosting Economic Development
  • Common goals and achievements will improve peaceful relations and strengthen a confident shared development
  • Outstanding transport networks and policies are the key to such a successful cooperation
  • The Eurasian corridors and the Maritime Silk Road lead to the Mediterranean, also gateway to the Atlantic world
  • Intertwining diplomacy with Economic Stimulation and International Cooperation
  • The new strategies for the Arab economies and the African countries where the most important potential of natural resources is
  • The Development of the Silk Road Cooperation from Atlantic to Pacific Ocean is also a matter of transport facilities