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Official Opening Session


In the framework of the Crans Montana Forum to be held in Geneva (Switzerland) from November 16 to 19, 2022, the Official Opening Session will be devoted to : War, Global instability, unpredictability, weaknesses, the international chessboard is being recomposed.

Among the topics addressed : 

  • We are entering a new World, a dangerous period of political instability and economic & financial volatility
  • The war leads to an unexpected reconfiguration of alliances in Europe (Finland and Sweden) and, in Africa, the birth of a neo-Bandung, a new way of non-alignment
  • New balances must be shaped while respecting the specificity of each one and its own values. It is necessary to reinvent foreign policies and diplomatic action based on the necessary and unavoidable acceptance of “the other” 
  • At the top of the agenda: the nuclear risk, the public health and the supply chains The critical role of the South Eastern European states waiting for NATO and EU ?